Metal Moon is the nocturnal creature of designer Rikke Hubert and stylist Stephanie Loa Flindt. It’s an impatient being that plays outside the fashion industry framework. Metal Moon follows its own tides, launching collections whenever ideas dawn. Middlemen and retailer mumbo-jumbo is cut out, keeping Metal Moon ever current and directly available to the consumer via Progress is crucial, and when the limited stock is sold out, Metal Moon will move into another zodiac. 

The usual way of selling and distributing clothes leaves nothing to chance and little to the creative forces behind. Affordable fashion becomes safe and without risk. Metal Moon is Rikke and Stephanie doing what they love and trying to make a living from it. They don’t do fairs, they don’t do retailer’s mark ups and they don’t do middle men. Unless they’re super hot. The Metal Moon collection is presented to the press and the consumer the same day it’s up for sale on the world wide web. All styles are limited, only one batch will be made.